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I grew up with 10 siblings; typical Irish Catholic large family.  A few years ago, I asked my siblings to send me "lessons learned from Dad."  

‘Always respect Mom.’  ‘Leave places better than you found them.’  These were mentioned often.

But the one lesson quoted by everyone was, ‘Always tell the truth, be honest, your integrity is most important.’  

My Dad told us these lessons often.  But even more he modeled them daily.  I remember seeing a processed envelope that didn't have the markings on the stamp and saying, 'we can reuse this stamp!'  Dad asked, "Is your integrity worth 32 cents?"  Almost 50 years later, I can still hear him asking that simple question.

My integrity and always being honest has served me well throughout my time in the Marines and my career in financial services.  

As a Fiduciary and a Certified Financial PlannerTM I am obligated to put my clients' needs before my own. But to me, it goes much deeper than that.  You and your family will always be first in all of our business together.